Homeopathy is perfectly safe to use during pregnancy, childbirth, the post natal period and for breastfeeding mums and their babies. … Unlike conventional drugs homeopathic medicines are non-addictive and have no dangerous side effects.

Pregnancy is a major physiological process in a woman’s body that increases the level of stress on both the body and immune system. Homeopathy is the most ideal form of medication that enables women to deal with the symptoms and complications of pregnancy. Homeopathic treatment has proven to be effective in treating severe ailments, including morning sickness, headaches, digestive ailments, muscle aches and other discomforts which are common in pregnancy. The usage of Homeopathic medicines during pregnancy is completely safe as it uses small amounts of active ingredients that enhance the natural abilities of your body to heal and cause general improvement.

Homeopathy has been around for many centuries and the medicines are prescribed on the basis of specific symptoms. In general, it is considered absolutely safe to have homeopathic medicines when you are expecting.

The concept of homeopathy is understanding and treating the whole person.  It offers you a truly individual approach to healing and recognises both physical and mental/emotional are interdependent. Each remedy is individually chosen and a single remedy is picked to match your particular symptoms. What this means is that two people with the same symptoms can be prescribed completely different remedies because the treatment is based on you as an individual and not just your symptoms.